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DIY Thanksgiving Treat Box

By: Gloria Reichert
Foam turkey decorated with craft feathers.
minute activity
For All Ages
Fine Motor Skills

Looking for an adorable Thanksgiving craft? This treat box is a no-fail, fun activity to get kids excited about the holiday. They’ll love adding the wiggle eyes and gluing on feathers in various colors. What goes in the box? That’s up to them!

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Paint a round cardboard box and lid brown.

  2. Cut a hat and a turkey’s body, beak, snood and feet from craft foam. Glue them together. Add on wiggle eyes.

  3. Glue the turkey to the lid.

  4. Glue craft feathers to the back of the box.

  5. Write a message on the turkey and fill the box with treats!

Extend the Fun

Younger kids: Encourage your child to make a turkey treat box for the family or friends you’re hosting or visiting this Thanksgiving. Then let your child decide what to put in the treat box. Try a small toy or a special handwritten note from your child or the whole family.       

Older kids: Have everyone in the family write down on a slip of paper one thing they’re thankful for this year. Ask your older child to collect the papers in this turkey box. Then, during your Thanksgiving meal, have your child share what people wrote. Make a new box each year (and give the turkey new feathers). Then you’ll have lots of sweet memories and notes.

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By: Gloria Reichert