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Here’s How to Make a Dress-Up Felt Snowman

By: Highlights Editorial
A felt snowman to dress up in hat, mittens, scarf and more.
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For All Ages
Critical Thinking

Don’t wait for snow to make this play dress-up felt snowman—or snowwoman! This DIY snowman costume craft offers lots of options for dress-up, and kids can have fun adding hats, mittens, a beard and whatever strikes their fancy to add to their snowman's costume.

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Make your snowman by cutting out three circles—one medium, one large, one extra-large.

  2. Use the glue or adhesive to attach the snowman to the large piece of felt.

  3. Tape the large felt piece and snowman on the wall.

  4. Cut out eyes, a nose, arms, and clothing from felt.

  5. Dress up your snowman. (Felt sticks to felt, so there's no need for any other adhesive!)

Extend the Fun

Youngest kids: Turn the activity into a listening game. Clear everything off of the snowman. Name an item and tell your child where to put it on the figure. Make sure to use words like left, right, on top of, below, next to and so on. If she doesn’t get it right the first time, give her an example and help her work on it. Once she’s put up five pieces, switch roles and have her tell you where to put the clothes.

Younger kids: Dressing the snowman can help you talk with your child about weather. If it’s really cold outside, ask your child to help you put the layers on the figure, like a jacket, scarf, hat, mittens—or an entire outfit. Or if it’s a milder day, maybe the snowman needs only a scarf! Learning about weather and climate is part of science.

Older kids: Encourage your child to cut out and decorate a variety of clothes for the snowman. This could mean anything from a polka-dot sweater to a grass skirt. When your child has put together a really fun or funky look, ask him to write a story about it. Help him type it, print it and hang it on the wall next to the snowman.

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By: Highlights Editorial