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How To Create Art with Colored Bubbles

By: C.L. Mullett
A painting made with watercolor bubbles.
For All Ages
Fine Motor Skills

Put your kids in their oldest clothes, grab the materials listed below and head outside for some bubble-art fun. Your kids will love to watch the colored bubbles as they float in the air—and also when they pop on the plain paper! Painting with bubbles makes this bubble art craft twice the fun! 

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Cover a work surface with a thick layer of old newspapers.

  2. Place plain paper on the work surface.

  3. Pour one inch of dishwashing liquid into each small plastic container. Add ½ teaspoon liquid food coloring to each container, using a different color for each.

  4. Stir the liquid with a bubble wand to mix the color, making sure to rinse the wand between colors.

  5. Dip the bubble wand into one container and blow bubbles toward the plain paper. Hold the container under the wand to catch any drips.

  6. Keep blowing the bubbles onto the paper until it’s about half-filled with the popped-bubble decoration.

  7. Rinse the wand and blow colored bubbles of another color. Keep blowing bubbles or changing colors until you’re happy with how the paper looks. Then set the paper aside to dry—and start with a new piece.

Extend the Fun

Younger kids: Talk about bubbles with your child. Where do you normally see or play with bubbles? How are these bubbles the same as, for example, bubbles in the bath? How are they different? If your child is interested in bubbles, ask the children’s librarian at your local library for some nonfiction and fiction books about bubbles.

Older kids: Help your child brainstorm ways to use this paper. Is there a journal or book that needs a cover? A gift that needs wrapping paper? Maybe your child can fold the paper into quarters and use it as a greeting card.

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By: C.L. Mullett