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How to Make A DIY Snow Globe

By: Highlights Editorial
A completed snow globe with a snowman inside.
Ages 3+
Critical Thinking

Help your children discover the magic of winter with this super-simple DIY snow globe. The kids are sure to be mesmerized by their sparkly creation whenever they give it a shake!

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Cut a snowman shape from the lid of the egg carton.

  2. Decorate the snowman with permanent markers.

  3. Use rubber cement to attach the snowman to the inside of the jar lid.

  4. Fill jar with water and add a spoonful of glitter. Add in a drop of blue food coloring.

  5. Add rubber cement to the rim of the jar and carefully screw the lid on.

  6. Glue yarn around the lid.

  7. Wait for the glue to dry, turn the jar upside down and give it a shake!

Extend the Fun

Younger kids: Do you want to make the snow globe a childhood keepsake? Have your child practice writing his name and date on the lid. Your kiddo can add a musical element by tying bells to the yarn, so that the snow globe makes a festive “jingle” when shaken.

Older kids: This craft presents an opportunity to teach your child about the science behind snow. Have a discussion about how it forms, why it falls and name places in the world where it does and does not snow. (Snow forms when the air in the clouds is very cold and water vapor freezes into ice crystals; if enough crystals stick together, they’ll become heavy enough to fall. Snowflakes form in very unique, complex structures and each one is different. Just like rain, hail and sleet, snow is a form of precipitation, and you will find it in the Northern Hemisphere, Antarctica and high-altitude landscapes, such as mountain ranges.)

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By: Highlights Editorial