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How To Make Flowers Out of Pens

By: Highlights Editorial
DIY sunflower pens in a jar.
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Take an ordinary pen and transform it into something beautiful—a bouquet of flowers! Before starting to make flower pens, have your child think about who will get this gift. Make it extra special by using flowers in that person’s favorite color or by using that person’s favorite flowers. And, of course, make pen flowers for yourselves, too!

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Arrange the flowers in a small bunch and place them at the top of the pen. Or use one large flower, as shown in the photo.

  2. Starting at the top of the pen, wrap floral tape around the flower stems and pen. 

  3. Wrap the pen top to bottom and then bottom to top with the tape. Save room at the point for the cap, if there is one.

For younger kids: Talk about the differences between fake flowers and real flowers. What would happen if you used real flowers to decorate the pen? Can you use real flowers to write? What else do we use to write with?           

For older kids: Do an experiment with the pen. Write with the pen before you decorate it and again after you decorate it. What do you notice about how you use the decorated pen? How does the pen feel in your hand? Do you hold it differently? What would happen if the flowers were really long or really big? What do you think would happen if you put the flowers in the middle of the pen?

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By: Highlights Editorial