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How to Make a Reindeer Treat Bag

By: Highlights Editorial
A reindeer gift bag made from a paper bag.
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For All Ages
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Kids can be all thumbs wrapping presents, but they love popping gifts into Christmas trbags they’ve made themselves. These reindeer gift bags can even be lined up as a “herd” and displayed on a mantel or a table in the hallway until gift-giving time rolls around.

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Fold down the top third of the paper bag.

  2. Decorate the bag with a pompom nose, wiggle eyes and markers.

  3. Cut cardstock to make antlers and a bow. Glue or tape to the bag.

  4. Fill the bag with treats and give as a gift.

*Brown paper lunch bags are just the right size for small gifts, cookies and candies. Got a big present? A large grocery bag or a tall leaf bag makes a super-size Rudolph. (Hey, kids! “Rudolph” means “famous wolf” in German.)

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By: Highlights Editorial