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How to Make a Turkey DIY Napkin Holder

By: Highlights Editorial
A DIY tissue paper turkey craft napkin holder.
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For All Ages

If the kids start now, you’ll have enough Thanksgiving napkin rings for each person at your Thanksgiving table by the time the holiday rolls around. Even the littlest hands can cut, crumple and glue paper to make these goofy gobblers.

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. From brown construction paper, cut out a kite shape.

  2. Glue the cardboard tube to the center of the kite.

  3. Cut out two eyes, a beak and a wattle from construction paper. Glue them to the front of the turkey.

  4. Crumple tissue paper and glue it to the back of the turkey.

  5. Put a napkin through the short cardboard tube. Set one at each place setting.

Extend the Fun

For younger kids: If you’re not old enough to make the gobbler, be the one to crumple the tissue paper for the turkey’s “feathers,” roll the napkin, and insert it into the cardboard tube. Did you know a group of domesticated turkeys (the kind on your Thanksgiving table) is called a rafter? A group of wild turkeys is called a flock.

For older kids: Make other animals and figures. Draw an alligator face and glue Tic Tacs to the back as scales. For a snowman, glue marshmallows to the back and cut out a black top hat. For a rabbit, use marshmallows and add straw whiskers. Did you know if you come across turkey poop shaped like the letter J, it’s from a male turkey? The female turkey poops in a spiral. A young male turkey is called a jake, and a young female turkey is called a jenny.

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By: Highlights Editorial