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No-Melt Snowman Craft

By: Highlights Editorial
A pretend snowman made from toilet paper rolls wrapped in an old tee shirt.
minute activity
Ages 3+
Fine Motor Skills

Can you make a snowman without the fluffy white stuff? Absolutely! Instead of rolling snowballs, wrap toilet paper rolls in old T-shirts and stack ’em up. Twig arms and a button face finish the look. This DIY snowman  can last all winter long.

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Cut three 18-inch squares from old T-shirts.

  2. To make a small “snowball,” place the flat side of a full roll of toilet paper in the center of a T-shirt square. Tightly pull the fabric up and around the roll, then stuff the ends into the tube.

  3. Make a medium snowball and a large one by padding two more rolls with plastic grocery bags before covering them with the T-shirt squares.

  4. Cut slits in the bottom of the small and medium snowballs. Slide all three snowballs onto a ruler or dowel to hold them together.

  5. For arms, cut two holes in the medium snowball. Insert twigs into the holes and glue them in place.

  6. Draw a face on the snowman with markers or attach buttons. Add more buttons down the front, and adorn with a hat, felt scarf and bird.

Extend the Fun

For younger kids: Play “Who Can Find the Snowman?” Hide the snowman; ask friends or family members to find it. Super hiding places: in the washing machine, in the shower, in the freezer, under the bed, in the dishwasher, in a closet, behind the sofa cushions.

For older kids: Build a battalion of T-shirt snowmen. Take pictures of yourself sitting amidst them. As a stunt, sit the snowmen shoulder to shoulder in the back seat of your dad’s car or under the sheets in your sister’s bed. For variety, use colored T-shirts, not just white.

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By: Highlights Editorial