Outdoor Play

Outdoor Bubble Games for Kids

By: Highlights Editorial
Two girls in sundresses blowing bubbles outside.
Ages 3+
Critical Thinking
Fine Motor Skills

A little soap and water goes a long, fun way for kids to use their craft skills, their imaginations and their science smarts—all at the same time. So bubble up outdoors and observe how these light-as-air spheres behave!

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Mix Bubbles

    Mix the water, soap and glycerin together in the pan.

    To make bubble wands, shape large and small circles from chenille sticks, and twist on a handle. The straws can be used to make little bubbles.

    Dip the wands in the soapy mix, then blow!

  2. Play

    There's a lot to notice, do and discover when it comes to bubbles. Here are some ideas.

    • Test different ways of blowing on the soap film—gently or forcefully, fast or slow.
    • See how the bubbles pick up the colors around them.
    • Notice the shadows made by bubbles. Look at the colors in the shadows.
    • Try attaching a number of bubbles together on one wand.
    • Pass a bubble back and forth between teammates.
    • Experiment with making a very big bubble.
    • Use a straw to make very tiny bubbles.
    • Observe what happens when a bubble pops.
    • See how the wind affects where the bubbles go.
    • Compare what happens to big bubbles and small bubbles in the wind.
    • Discover which surfaces bubbles will attach to without popping and notice how the bubbles look when they attach.

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By: Highlights Editorial