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Create Your Own Constellation

By: Highlights Editorial
A child setting a painted rock on a windowsill
minute activity
Ages 3-5
Critical Thinking
Fine Motor Skills

It's a wonderful thing to teach kids from a young age to look up and feel awestruck. With this DIY "create your own constellation" craft, parents can do just that! 

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Wash and dry your rocks.

  2. Paint white stars on the top of your rocks. Let dry.

  3. Paint the stars with glow-in-the-dark paint. Let dry.  Then paint the area around the stars black. Let dry.

  4. Place your rocks in a sunny spot, such as a windowsill or backyard. Arrange the rocks to make your constellation. The stars will soak up the light during the day and glow at night.

Extend the Fun

For younger kids: Be a constellation detective. Look out your window late at night and find the Big Dipper; the Little Dipper; Cassiopeia (a queen sitting in a chair); Leo (the crouching lion); and Pegasus (a horse with wings). Arrange your indoor constellation to mimic their arrangement. Fun fact: The sun is a star.

For older kids: Visit a planetarium or peek through a telescope to bring the stars up close. Invent your own constellation and give it a fancy name based on your name or nickname. Fun fact: The movie Beetlejuice derives its title from a star named Betelgeuse, which is part of the constellation Orion the Hunter (look for three bright stars in a row).

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By: Highlights Editorial