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Easy-to-Make Colorful Windsock

By: Highlights Editorial
Mini windsocks made from cardboard tubes and yarn.
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For All Ages

Ideal for spring winds and summer breezes, this colorful windsock craft is easy and fun to make. Kids will enjoy decorating the windsocks and adding colored yarn. It’s just right for those days when you want to sit on the porch together and admire your child’s awesome creativity.

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. At one end of the cardboard tube, punch two holes on opposite sides.

  2. At the other end of the tube, punch holes a half-inch apart all the way around.

  3. Paint the tube and let it dry.

  4. For each hole in the bottom of the tube, cut a 2-foot-long piece of yarn. Fold each piece of yarn in half.

  5. Thread the folded end through a hole in the bottom of the tube. Thread the ends of the yarn through the folded end and pull. This will keep the yarn securely in place.

  6. Cut a 2-foot-long piece of yarn by which to hang the windsock. Tie the ends of the yarn to the holes in the top of the tube. Then hang your windsock outside and watch which way the wind blows.

Extend the Fun

Younger kids: After you hang the windsock, sit with your child and watch as it moves. Talk with him about the direction the wind is blowing. Which way is the windsock or its yarn blowing? Where does he think the wind is coming from? Is there lots of wind or a little wind? Use this time to introduce words like gust, gale, breeze, and crosswind.

Older kids: Help your child transform this windsock into a wind chime. Encourage her to find old keys, buttons with large holes and anything else that will make a fun sound. Thread the yarn through the holes in the items, and secure them with a knot.

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By: Highlights Editorial