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Eyeball Memory Matching Game

By: Highlights Editorial
A matching game made with sections cut from an egg carton.
Ages 3+
Critical Thinking
Fine Motor Skills

Focus on this game for one, two or more players, to test memory and concentration skills.

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Cut out the cups of a white egg carton. Glue a cotton ball in each.

  2. Cut “irises” out of colored paper—two of each color. Add details using pens and markers. Glue one iris to each cotton ball.

To Play:

Flip all the cups upside down and mix them up. Take turns trying to find matching pairs. The player with the most pairs wins.

Extend the Fun

For younger kids: One child can play the game individually, to practice alphabet and number recognition. Write numbers and letters (two of each) on a piece of paper; cut them out and glue onto cotton balls in the egg cups, as above. Increase the reward time for your younger children by keeping the egg cups upright, and just have them organize the letters or numbers into pairs.

For older kids: Use two egg cartons so there are more pairs to match. Instead of eyes, cut out numbers and faces from an old deck of cards, or matching images from magazines, and glue them onto the cotton balls in the egg cups, as above. See who can turn over the most pairs.

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By: Highlights Editorial