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Goofy Robots: A Make-and-Play Robot Craft

By: Highlights Editorial
Craft robot toys made from small cardboard boxes decorated with felt, googly eyes and chenille stems.
minute activity
For All Ages

Kids can sharpen their fine motor skills by transforming rectangular boxes into rootin’-tootin’ craft robots.

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Glue a small rock inside a small cardboard box to weigh it down. Cover the box with felt.

  2. Poke two holes for the arms and two holes for the legs. Slide a chenille stick into each hole to make the robot’s arms and legs..

  3. Decorate the robot with scrapbook paper, beads, felt, wiggle eyes, and anything else that seems fun and futuristic.                                       

Extend the Fun

For younger kids: After you make your robot, imagine other rectangular shapes and decorate accordingly. How about a candy bar, a 9-volt battery, a cell phone, your favorite cereal, your aunt and uncle’s front door? 

For older kids: Artificial intelligence is all around us. It helps drive our cars, runs assembly lines in factories, powers artificial limbs, vacuums our floors, takes us into space—and more is just around the corner. Pretend you have a personal robot. Write instructions for your robot to follow. It could make your bed, do your homework, mow the lawn, wash the dog. The possibilities are endless…and just around the corner!

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By: Highlights Editorial