Reward Chart Printable

By: Highlights Editorial
Highlights reward chart printable
Ages 3+
Critical Thinking
Fine Motor Skills
Social Emotional

Encourage your kids to reach for the stars and achieve their goals with this fun and interactive reward chart printable. 

Whether your child is working on potty training, completing homework assignments daily or making the bed every day for a week, this self-directed goals list will help your child feel accomplished.

Work together to decide on your child’s goals and let your child decide the rewards that will be reaped for a job (or jobs) well done!

Extend the fun: Chores are more fun when you work “backwards”! Have your child decide which reward they like the best and trace the line to find out how they can earn that special reward. 

Click here for the free printable! 

Is your child a super star goal achiever? Share a picture of your child and their completed chore chart with the hashtag #MyHighlightsKid for a chance to be featured on our Highlights social media accounts!

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By: Highlights Editorial