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15 Highlights Gifts for Kids Who Are Wild About Dinosaurs

By: Alissa LaSovage
Little boy sitting at a table playing with plastic dinosaurs.
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If your kid is captivated by dinosaurs, you likely already know the differences between an Allosaurus and a Diplodocus, and have hotly debated whether or not the Brontosaurus is still a thing.

And while your brain may struggle to recall all the species names you’ve learned from your little expert over the past week (what-a-saurus who?!), rest assured that your child’s passion for dinosaurs is great for their development. Prehistoric play can help spark an interest in science, strengthen attention span, and build confidence and brainpower.

Want to encourage more exploration? Luckily, your options go way beyond minifigures and dinosaur cartoons. With this countdown of 15 dino-mite goodies, Highlights makes gifting for every Barosaurus buff in your life as easy as 5-4-3-2-1.

5 “Hidden” Ways to Dig In to Dinos

What could you love more than dinosaurs combined with everyone’s favorite Highlights Hidden Pictures puzzles? Here’s something: The fact that these seek-and-find gifts come in enough styles to fit every kid’s mood! Try Scratch Off activities, Puffy Sticker books, Write-On Wipe-Off scenes, reversed Highlightable puzzles, or Classic Hidden Pictures challenges – all wrapped in fun (and funny) dinosaur themes.

4 Gifts That Bring “Cretaceous Cool” to School (and Beyond)

Inspire deeper learning – and a sense of adventure – with school and activity gear that kids can use themselves! Keep kids hydrated during all kinds of expeditions with this flip-top, leak-proof, vacuum-insulated Dino Water Bottle. The matching Dino Lunch ToteDino Pencil Case, and Dino Backpack make organizing essentials even more fun, plus – BONUS! – they glow in the dark.

3 Themed Tees to Wear Their Passion

Kids can take their fossil fix wherever they go with these adora-saurable themed shirts. The T-Rex Long Sleeve Shirt keeps fun facts (literally) right at your kid’s fingertips, encouraging fun comments and convos that can show off your child’s knowledge. The Jurassic Jams Color Changing Short Sleeve Tee has colorful ink that appears in the sun, bringing the prehistoric party to life right before your eyes. And the sparkly Dino Dance Glitter Maze Short Sleeve Tee lets your dino-lover’s personality shine through (and keeps kids on their toes with a real maze to solve!).

2 Colossal Collections for Your Biggest Dino Devotees

Need a big gift for your pint-sized paleontologist? Check out the Dinosaur Collection, with 3 different dinosaur-themed books, or the Hidden Pictures Favorites Collection, which starts with a rawr-some dinosaur puzzle book, and then eases kids into more seek-and-find fun about kid-friendly topics like space and wildlife.

1 Mega Book of Tyrannosaurus-Sized Fun

Give your Mesozoic master a little bit of everything with the Highlights 501 Dinosaur Joke-tivities book. This ultimate activity collection has puzzles, games, quizzes, jokes, and much more – enough to keep your kids entertained well into the next millennium (or at least until they get hungry for dinner).

Perfect for dino lovers and future paleontologists, our dinosaur collection features engaging sticker books, puzzles packed with science facts, plus tees and gear ready for all their rawr-some adventures.

Alissa LaSovage
By: Alissa LaSovage

Alissa LaSovage has been writing for kids and families for more than 20 years. When she's not in the midst of a parenting adventure with her twin boys, she likes to read, travel, and spend time outdoors.