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Balloon Golf Game for Kids

By: Highlights Editorial
A box full of inflated balloons for playing a golf game.
minute activity
Ages 3+
Critical Thinking
Fine Motor Skills

Balloons and boxes can turn your yard into a golf course for kids of all ages. Kids tee off from the start and try to land a balloon in each box. Each hit of the balloon is a stroke. How many strokes will it take to finish each hole? After 9 holes, kids will be eager to do the math to see who won!

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Number the boxes from 1 to 9.

  2. Spread the boxes around your space.

  3. Pick a starting spot where you’ll tee off from for box 1.

  1. Pick a starting spot where you’ll tee off from for box 1.

To Play:

The first player hits their balloon into the air once, aiming for box 1. Once the balloon touches the ground, the player remembers that spot and then holds onto their balloon while other players tee off.

After all players have hit their balloon once, the first player takes another stroke to get their balloon to box 1. Each hit of the balloon is a stroke. When a player gets their balloon to box 1, they record how many strokes it took.

Once all players finish with box 1, they hit from there to box 2 in the order in which they finished box 1. An extra stroke is added to a player’s score if the balloon gets stuck somewhere and needs to be moved. No extra stroke is added if a balloon pops.

Optional: While a balloon is still in the air after a hit, the player can blow to move the balloon without this counting as an extra stroke. But if a player touches the balloon or it touches the ground, the player hits from that spot and adds a stroke to their score.

Extend the Fun

Younger kids: Think about the size of the balloon and the size of the boxes. Which one is larger? What would happen if the box were smaller than the balloon? If you had only small boxes, how could you still play the game? (Hint: You control the size of the balloons because you inflate them.)

Older kids: Golf courses often have obstacles, called hazards. Hazards are usually water or a hole filled with sand. Think about making your own hazard by adding a kiddie pool or sandbox to your course. Or come up with your own challenges by placing boxes in harder to reach spots, like the other side of a tree or bush.   

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By: Highlights Editorial