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25 Random Acts of Kindness for Your Kids to Try at Home

By: Nancy Josephson Liff
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Altruistic deeds are always a big deal—why not start at home? The list below is packed with thoughtful and clever kind gestures. Try one to two each day to foster caring and compassion in your family.

  1. Say thanks—just thanks—to someone in your family, for no particular reason.
  2. Leave a kind, funny or inspiring note in a home-library book you've read.
  3. Make a family member laugh: Wrap up a roll of bubble wrap and “surprise leave it” for someone.
  4. Tell jokes after dinner. Vote on which family member had the funniest one.
  5. Be a study buddy—or help a younger sibling with homework.
  6. Clear your own dishes. Then surprise your parents and clear theirs, too.
  7. Let your brother go first.
  8. Leave a dollar under a chair cushion. Let whoever finds it keep it.
  9. Start a clothing drive. Have all family members toss in a piece or two.
  10. Tell every member of your family what you love about them.
  11. Return carts at grocery and big box stores (yours and ones other shoppers left behind).
  12. Make your sister’s bed one morning. Turn it down that night.
  13. Create a funny family video and share it with an elderly relative.
  14. Let the youngest in the family choose dessert tonight.
  15. Clip coupons together. Help your parent find those items at the market.
  16. Pitch in: Have everyone help clean up after a giant family dinner, BBQ or holiday celebration.
  17. Read a book together or start a family book club.
  18. Plant a flower or vegetable garden together.
  19. Learn something new as a family.
  20. Collect food and canned goods for a local food bank. Deliver them as a family.
  21. Be kind to a neighbor you don’t know.
  22. Organize a family clean-your-room day.
  23. Deliver a compliment a day—and mean it. Deliver two if you see it makes someone happy.
  24. Donate musical instruments, sports equipment and electronics no one is using.
  25. Catch someone being kind—and praise them for it.

Our Kindness Collection is designed to help you nurture kindness and empathy, while encouraging kids to grow into their best selves: Curious, Creative, Caring and Confident.

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By: Nancy Josephson Liff

Nancy Josephson Liff writes about child development, parenting and early childhood education. She has three children.