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4 Awesome Colored-String and Yarn Crafts

By: Alexandra Gakos
Yarn balls in different sizes and colors.
Ages 3+
Critical Thinking
Fine Motor Skills

Try these any-day projects to use up leftover craft and yarn supplies from other projects. We think you’ll agree: it’s a wrap!

1. An ombré pencil

Why: Because ordinary pencils are boring!

Good for: Planning and fine motor skills

What You Need: 

Yarn in solid, multicolor or ombré tones 

A pencil (mechanical preferred)



Glass beads and buttons, optional*

What You’ll Do:

  1. Knot the yarn tightly at the bottom of the pencil, close to the tip. Leave the pencil tip exposed, and 2 inches of yarn—the tail of the knot—hanging loose.
  2. Hold the tail securely to the pencil and show your child how to wrap the loose and remaining yarn to cover the pencil, bottom to top. Leave the eraser exposed.
  3. Knot the yarn at the top of the pencil, glue to secure and cut off the excess yarn. Voilà! Write a note.

Extend the Fun: Wrap a ballpoint pen (minus cap). Follow the instructions above. Glue a glass bead or small decorative button at the top of the pen for pizazz. Wrap more for friends.


2. A one-of-a-kind (pasta) accessory

Why: You have everything you need in the house—and it’s really fun!

Good for: Planning, decision making, fine motor skills

What You Need: 

Yarn or string

Uncooked pasta (open at both ends); kid-safe paint 



Newspaper or old tablecloth

What You’ll Do: 

  1. Cover crafting surface with newspaper or an old tablecloth.
  2. Cut yarn or string to desired length for a necklace or bracelet; creation should easily slide on and off neck or wrist.
  3. Have your pint-size jeweler paint pasta in a range of colors; let dry. 
  4. Thread one noodle at a time in alternating colors or another pattern. Knot to secure ends.

Extend the Fun: Add different pasta shapes or plastic beads to mix it up. Make gifts for friends.


3. A “save-your-place” bookmark

Why: To show off your brainpower and artwork in one place!

Good for: Concentration, creativity, fine motor skills

What You’ll Need: 

Three strands of 16-inch-long string or yarn

2 beads*


What You’ll Do:

  1. Lay strands of string or yarn side-by-side and knot together, about 1-inch from one end.
  2. Thread strings through a bead. Separately, loop each strand back again, passing it through the center of the bead. Form a second knot to hold the bead in place.
  3. Braid strings stopping 1 inch from end. 
  4. Thread strings through the second bead; knot and trim.

Extend the Fun: Curl up and read!


4. A yarn butterfly

Why: Why not?

Good for: Fine motor skills, color sense, planning

What You’ll Need: 

String or yarn in two colors

2 wiggle eyes

2 chenille sticks 

2 popsicle sticks 



Glitter glue

What You’ll Do:

  1. Cross 2 popsicle sticks at a 135-degree angle to form an X. Glue in place; let dry. Visually, divide the X in half lengthwise, creating a butterfly wing on each side.
  2. Starting at the X’s center, glue one strand of yarn or string at the back of the X, and, working outward, wrap the string or yarn over and under both sticks to form a wing. Glue yarn at the back.
  3. Repeat with color 2 on the other side.
  4. Wrap chenille sticks around the butterfly’s middle to form antennae. 
  5. Paste wiggle eyes on the tummy and add glitter glue to wings.

Extend the Fun: Make a butterfly in other colors and hang both from the ceiling or secure on a wall.

* Beads and wiggle eyes are choking hazards for children younger than 4.

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Author Alexandra Gakos
By: Alexandra Gakos