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6 Pool Noodle Crafts That Are Perfect for Summer Fun

By: Highlights Editorial
6 pool noodle crafts
Ages 3+
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Are your kids sinking into boredom? These pool-noodle activities are a great fix to revive summer fun!

1. Seahorse 

A child in a pool, sitting on a seahorse floatie made from a pool noodle.

Saddle up on this silly seahorse!

2. Ball Toss

Three pool noodles made into rings and tied together to make a floating hoop.

Turn the pool into a basketball court with these pool noodle hoops.

3. Sprinkler

Water sprinkling out of holes in a pool noodle attached to a garden hose.

Transform a garden hose into a sprinkler with the addition of a pool noodle!

4. Golf Game

Kids playing croquet with ball, wickets and mallets made from pool noodles.

Game on with this golf set made entirely out of pool noodles!

5. Alligator Pool Float

Shapes cut out of craft foam and attached to a pool noodle to look like an alligator.

This craft is perfect for the kids who never get out of the pool in the summer!

6. Pool-Noodle Village

Slices of pool noodle decorated with duct tape or construction paper to look like buildings.

Let your kids' imaginations go wild creating the town (or castle, or sci-fi city) of their dreams out of pool-noodle pieces that can be built over and over again!

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By: Highlights Editorial