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DIY Flip Flop Craft: Beachy Creature Feet

By: Highlights Editorial
Fun beachy sea creature flip flops.
minute activity
For All Ages

Here’s how to make this funky flip-flops craft to match your favorite beach creature using a few simple items from around the house. These fun diy flip-flops will be a creative addition to your family fun in the sun!

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. From craft foam, draw and cut out creature-foot shapes for a pair of flip-flops. Make a slit in each shape to go around the toe strap.

  2. Before gluing the shapes in place, try on the flip-flops. If necessary, trim the shapes. (If they’re too long in front, it’s hard to walk.)

  3. Use tacky glue to attach the shapes to the insoles of the flip-flops. Add foam decorations. Let them dry. (Don’t run in them!)

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By: Highlights Editorial