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This Colorful Turkey Craft Shows How Your Family Is Thankful

By: Highlights Editorial
Paper turkey craft with handwritten notes on the feathers.
minute activity
For All Ages

Make a thankful turkey now or fill in a feather a day for a fan full of blessings by Thanksgiving Day. Or have the supplies on hand for a Thanksgiving-morning project as the turkey’s roasting, or an icebreaker as family and friends arrive.

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Cut a turkey’s head, body, wings and feet from poster board. Decorate them with cardstock, yarn and markers.

  2. Cut 15 feathers from cardstock. Write something you’re thankful for on each feather. Glue the feathers on the turkey.

  3. Save some feathers and have your Thanksgiving guests write what they’re thankful for.

Extend the Fun

For younger kids: A quick and easy version: Use a paper plate for the body; cut out 5 feathers instead of 15; and instead of writing, draw what you are thankful for on each feather.

For older kids: Create a “compliment turkey ” for someone else and describe one wonderful thing about that person on every feather.

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By: Highlights Editorial