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How to Make a Paper Turkey Out of Cupcake Liners

By: Highlights Editorial
Paper turkeys with feathers made from sections of cupcake wrappers.
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For All Ages

Start in the kitchen when you make this cute turkey cupcake craft with your kids. Grab a few cupcake liners, and then head to a table to complete this fun paper turkey thanksgiving craft. Encourage your kids to use different papers, especially ones that add dimension.

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Spread open the fluted paper cupcake liner.

  2. Cut off half the crinkled edge from the cup bottom and use it to make two wings. Use the rest for the fan-shaped tail of the turkey. Cut slits in the tail as shown.

  3. Cut out the turkey body and feet from construction paper.

  4. Glue all the parts onto white construction paper. Glue on wiggle eyes and draw your turkey’s face. Draw a background scene for your turkey.

Extend the Fun

Younger kids: Ask your child to dictate to you a story about the turkey she just made. Where is the turkey? What is it doing? Write her story at the bottom or on the back of the paper, then hang it up where all guests can see it.

Older kids: Encourage your child to get creative with his turkey art. Instead of having him draw the background, help him collect various odds and ends so he can make a textured background. Try old buttons, dried leaves or even acorn tops.

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By: Highlights Editorial