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Time Capsule Box

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A neat blue box containing keepsake items.
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Can’t save time in a bottle? The next best thing is to save some of your family’s memories in a shoebox! Here's all you'll need to make a time capsule box with your kids -- and learn a lot about each other in the process! 

Think how your family has changed just in the last few months: teeth have likely been lost and new ones taken their place, new skills have been developed and even favorite colors and foods have probably changed.

With time capsules, you can capture those small details that you may not remember a few years from now, like your daughter’s favorite food at age 7 or your son’s favorite preschool song. It also encourages children to make some predictions about the future. When you open the time capsule in five or ten years, you may laugh as you read the predictions your kids made (flying cars, perhaps?) and smile as you remember what your family faves were even not so long ago.

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Let your kids decorate the box and its lid. They can paint it, make a photo collage, glue on current headlines from newspapers or spell out their names or the year.

  2. Have each child gather small mementos to include. Here are some ideas:

    • A drawing or piece of art
    • A ribbon that’s as long as your child is tall
    • A favorite T-shirt or piece of jewelry
    • A paper with the outline of your child’s hand
    • A letter to your future self
    • A self-portrait or pet portrait (signed and dated)
    • An interview with a sibling or parent about their favorite things
    • A favorite joke(s)
    • A list of what you want to be doing 10 years from now. How about in 20 years?
    • A favorite recipe
    • A list of favorite TV shows or movies you watch as a family
  3. Put the mementos in the box. Choose a safe, dry place to store it. Add a reminder on the box such as “Do not open until [future date here]!”

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By: Highlights Editorial