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12 No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

By: Highlights Editorial
Two black-painted pumpkins, one with a cat design and one with a bat.
For All Ages
Fine Motor Skills

Pumpkin carving is a fall tradition that really gets the kids in the spirit of Halloween. But are you worried about the dangers of your little one carving a pumpkin? Check out this roundup of creative no-carve decorative pumpkin ideas that will keep Halloween fun and spooky and safe!

Reminder: The small materials to decorate a pumpkin, such as googly eyes, can be a choking hazard for small children, so close adult supervision is a must.

1. Paint-Drip Pumpkins

Uncarved pumpkin with black and white paint streaks.

Even if your little one is not yet ready for jack-o'-lanterns, you can still add a little pizazz to the pumpkins on your doorstep by painting them using this easy, low-mess, squeeze bottle method.


2. Candy Corn Pumpkins

Uncarved pumpkins painted in candy corn colors.

You only need two colors of paint to create these whimsical candy-corn pumpkins!


3. Kitty Pumpkins

Stacked pumpkins painted black and white with cat designs.

Use paint, markers, and construction paper to create this adorable black cat! 


4. Melted Crayon Pumpkins

A pumpkin painted white, with melted crayon dripped over the top.

Upcycle those broken crayon pieces into beautiful melted-crayon pumpkins!


5. Googly Eye Pumpkins

Big and small googly eyes glued all over a pumpkin.

Create a super-silly pumpkin by covering it in googly eyes.


6. Painted Pumpkins

Striped, zigzag and polka dot painted pumpkins.

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild for their own abstract painted pumpkins.


7. Spooky Bats and Cats

Two black-painted pumpkins, one with a cat design and one with a bat.

Download free printable stencils, then paint and create these spooky-cute cat and bat pumpkins.


8. Glitter Pumpkins

A glitter-covered pumpkin.

This glitter pumpkin is perfect for toddlers. (Be careful: It might get a little messy!)


9. Washi Tape Pumpkins

Pumpkins covered with washi tape.

Add pops of color and pattern with decorative washi tape.


10. Wax Resist Pumpkins

A pumpkin painted black except where wax was applied in the shape of a classic jack-o-lantern face.

A spooky twist on the classic “wax-resist” technique!


11. Nuts and Bolts Pumpkin

Nuts, screws and bolts arranged to make a pumpkin face.

For those kids interested in building and mechanics, try making this simple "nuts and bolts" pumpkin.


12. Caterpillar Pumpkin

Green-painted mini pumpkins lined up to look like a caterpillar.

Pick up a couple too many pumpkins at the patch this year? Have kids paint them into a pumpkin-caterpillar chain!


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By: Highlights Editorial