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DIY Hidden Treasure Map for Kids

By: Highlights Editorial
Homemade treasure map.
Ages 3+
Critical Thinking

Ahoy, buccaneers! Send your kids on an imaginary journey to find a hidden treasure. Have them envision the trip and that final reward. Draw it on paper. They’ll think it’s fun to be in charge of a mystery!

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. Tear off the bottom of a paper bag and cut a side seam to fully open the bag.

  2. Crumple the paper. Then flatten it out.

  3. Use markers to draw a map of your imaginary journey.

  4. Draw an X on one part of the map where the treasure is hidden. Draw a path to the X.

  5. Paint the map with water, spreading the colors. Let dry.

  6. On the back of the map, draw a picture of the secret treasure hidden at the X.

Extend the Fun

For younger kids: Make the treasure hunt a reality, in the house or a small area of the backyard. You draw the map, hide a prize and send your child on a journey to find it, using the visual clues on the map.

For older kids: Think big! Imagine a favorite destination—somewhere you’ve been before, or a place you dream of visiting. How would you get there? Airplane, car, spaceship? Use a map or an atlas to help you plot your course on a paper-bag map.

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By: Highlights Editorial