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The Raindrop Toss Game Is the Perfect Rainy-Day Activity

By: Highlights Editorial
The Raindrop Toss game, with raindrop sacks and paper plates painted with scores.
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Stuck indoors on a rainy day? Here’s a rainy-day game the kids can make in minutes and play for hours—in a hallway, TV room or your empty garage. The raindrop toss is simple enough for younger kids, but still challenging for older competitors, who may want to keep score. No special equipment needed: The “raindrops” are rice-filled sandwich bags, and the “puddles” are paper plates. On a sunny day, play on the lawn or in the driveway. This rain game is also great fun for birthday parties!

What You'll Need

What to Do

  1. The Raindrops
    • For each raindrop, place 2 or 3 tablespoons of uncooked rice into one corner of a sandwich bag, and wrap a rubber band at top to secure tightly. Repeat until you have a dozen bags or more, depending on the number of players.
    • Wrap each bag of rice in two layers of blue tissue paper and secure with another rubber band.
    • Add wiggle eyes to each raindrop, or draw eyes on with a marker. Add a chenille-stick smile.
  2. The Puddles
    • Color each paper plate with blue crayon, paint or marker to look like puddles.
    • If keeping score, write a number on each plate.
  3. To Play
    • Lay the puddle plates on the floor.
    • Stand back and toss your raindrops into the puddles.
    • If keeping score, record the points where your raindrop lands.

For more of a challenge, increase the distance between the plates and how far back you stand.

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By: Highlights Editorial