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6 Fun Spring and Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

By: Alissa LaSovage
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The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the snow boots (hopefully) have seen their last wear of the season. Hurrah for spring!

With this change in weather also comes a resurgence of bright activities and exciting explorations for you to share with your kids — both indoors and out. Here are 6 ideas that can help you embrace the rain, the wind, and the warm rays, and make this the “hoppiest” spring and Easter season yet.

Ideas for Spring

Turn inclement weather to your advantage

Showers and flowers, lions and lambs. Whatever your metaphor of choice, we all know the weather tends to be unpredictable this time of year. Prepare for anything Mother Nature throws at you with this list of 4 Spring Crafts that help kids stay busy and appreciate whatever the climate is outside. A good place to start is the Colorful Windsock, crafted from cardboard tubes, yarn, and paint — materials you likely already have around the house. Kids can even add buttons, keys, or other noisy objects to create a wind chime. No matter how your projects turn out, you’ll make the most of those rainy, windy days that can otherwise seem like a springtime setback. As they say: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Create a butterfly garden

A butterfly garden is a simple and rewarding way for kids to experience nature firsthand. They can dive into science by identifying the best blossoms to grow, and then reap the rewards of visits from butterfly friends once flowers bloom. The Paint & Grow Butterfly Garden kit is a simple way to get started. It provides everything kids need to decorate, grow, and enjoy a real flower and butterfly garden. All necessary materials are included in the kit, but kids are also encouraged to think “outside the flower box” and put their own spin on this fun art/science activity. 

Give back through community service

As a new season blooms, you can cultivate kindness in your own community by performing acts of service for friends, neighbors, and those in need. According to U.S. News & World Report, studies have found that when kids volunteer, they experience long-term benefits including positive effects on grades, reduced drug use, and improved self concept. And with so many simple ways for kids to give back, you’re likely able to fit any number of them into your busy spring routine. Check out these 21 Easy Community Services Ideas for Kids for inspiration.

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Ideas for Easter

Have a crafting extravaganza 

Few holidays lend themselves to crafting as much as Easter. From jelly bean jewelry to Peeps slime, there are tons of cute, colorful (and tasty) projects that meet the interests of every kid. The Easter Craft Collection makes things easy by packing dozens of supplies into one big kit. Kids can sew a basket, create DIY bunny ears, and decorate the sidewalk with stencils and egg-shaped chalk. Plus, they’ll find extra goodies like puzzles, activity ideas, and a surprise gift.

Enhance your colored eggs

The tried-and-true tradition of coloring Easter eggs will never get old, but how about trying a new twist this year? This recipe for Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs makes beautifully marbled colors that will brighten up baskets and breakfast tables, and adds only a couple of steps to the usual routine. Kids can even put their own spin on their creations by double-dipping or adding stickers. Who knows what egg-stra special art they’ll come up with?

Keep it simple (but still have a blast)

Whether you’re traveling for the holiday, running last-minute errands, or settling in for some quiet time at home, Easter-themed books and activities can help any day seem egg-ceptional. Solve Hidden Pictures Easter Puzzles Deluxe, tell Silly Easter Jokes, or enjoy mazes and stories with the Easter Fun Carry and Play Board Book. You don’t need to go all out to make Easter a special time of year for your family. Whether you celebrate with an easy egg hunt, an heirloom recipe, or a simple story before bed, the most meaningful thing about the holiday isn’t the fanfare — it’s the time you spend together.

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Alissa LaSovage
By: Alissa LaSovage

Alissa LaSovage has been writing for kids and families for more than 20 years. When she's not in the midst of a parenting adventure with her twin boys, she likes to read, travel, and spend time outdoors.